The beginning of the universe whose first spark we could not witness… It’s a big question that’s both real and nudges us all occasionally. How did the universe come into existence? How did it become what it is today and what will it look like long after that?

Do you have any theory about this question tried to be answered by many scientists and philosophers throughout history?

Let’s talk about the most powerful theory that most scientists agree on: The big bang theory.

There is something we know about the universe. The distance between all the galaxies we observe is increasing in all directions at ever-increasing speed. When we rewind this scene 13.8 billion years, we encounter a singular point. If they’re going somewhere, they must be coming from somewhere. Right? This extremely hot spot is suddenly spreading and expanding at an incredible speed. At first, it is too intense for light to propagate. The universe, which is cooling and decreasing in density in time, allows the first light, the cosmic microwave background radiation, to be transmitted everywhere. And even now, wherever we look in the universe, we can observe and measure this radiation as 2.7 kelvin.

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