“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”

– Leon C. Megginson

The world is rotating faster than 50 years ago! According to the records kept since 1960, the Earth’s rotation around its axis was completed faster than average in 2020. Of course, the speed of the Earth is not the only one that increases; but also knowledge and awareness for a better life…

The most significant benefit of this change is a brand new perspective: “Respect for nature, life and all living things!”

So, what is the reflection of this change on the runways?

The androgynous style choices of the 70s, the cuts of the 90s, the spirit of the 50s are lovely. But, how innovative is it to produce new variations of the old with purely commercial concerns?

Are clichés like “California Dream” enough to reflect the style, feelings and awareness of the individuals who want to express their soul?

While there are so many things to be said, remembered and reminded of, how to explain the silence and repetition of the fashion industry?

Where is respect, where is the value of creativity?

As FFF, we question fashion and don’t settle for this situation. We evaluate fashion in the constantly changing conditions of the World rotating faster day by day.

We reflect the perspectives we have developed to the harmony of colours that we bring together and patterns that bear the virtue of awareness. We don’t set any new rules or break existing rules when we assert that fashion should be for the future, not the past. We believe in the power of fashion for a better future. Therefore, we create an informatic style inspired by this approach.

On this journey, we are moving forward with the brave pioneers of a brand new iconic approach that can adapt to change!

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