Have you ever thought that the colours that shape our experiences in life can become a weapon in vicious hands?

Colours have the power to activate emotions and some physical conditions. They direct the way we perceive situations, which in turn influences our choices to a great extent.

A colour has many meanings, and there are many psychological reasons behind that meaning of the colours.

Green is the favourite colour of nature and banks.

Green, the colour of money, reminds us of freshness, healing and abundance. Some colours attract attention, activate; some cause anxiety. Who wants to live under a brown sky, right?

Have you noticed before that these psychological effects are used by those who are aware of them? Are you conscious that; the colour choices of the things you buy, your work environment or the appetizing logos of fast-food chains are manipulated with the impact of colours on us?

We did not show any red colour in this t-shirt. Do you recognize that you’re thinking about the colour red?

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